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Many websites run on shared hosting. With a hosting provider you order a hosting package with standard PHP / MySQL preinstalled. You can then easily install your own Joomla site. But what if you want to run other software than the default software that is installed on the server, such as newer PHP versions etc.

A possible solution is the use of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Peter tells you how he came to use his own VPS and his experiences with it. And what you have to do to set up and manage a VPS. Hopefully there will be time for a small live demonstration with setting up VPS to install a website.
Sprecher: Peter Martin
Peter Martin has been active in the Joomla community since 2005: at first as regular forum user, and later as Global Forum Moderator, Community Leadership Team and Operations Department Coordinator. Peter loves the freedom and possibilities that open source software gives you as user and the knowledge sharing that you can only find within such open source communities.

Peter has his own business www.db8.nl (founded in 2005) and supports companies and organizations with Joomla implementations, support and custom Joomla extension development. After 12 years of clicking "Options" when installing new Joomla sites, Peter finally got fed up with it and decided to develop "Options Manager" (and a free "Lite" version) which is available via https://db8.eu

Furthermore he organizes Open Coffee (a monthly networking event for small businesses and self employed people) in his hometown Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Linux Nijmegen (a Linux User Group with monthly meetings).